Nearing the final version

This version of Supermarket Duck Dash has a lot of fixes and improvements.

I believe that I'm nearing the end of the game's development.

In this big update:

  • In Destruction mode, the duck is without its shopping cart/trolley, as in this mode the aim is to knock off as many products as possible in 30 seconds
  • A new .Exe icon graphic
  • I've improved the menu screen look, with new title graphics for each screen, a new wall design background and changed the ok buttons.
  • I've adjusted the turning of the shopping trolley/cart to make is a bit smoother
  • Adjusted the flight of the products when the duck knocks them off with it's arms.
  • The menu now works with the joystick of a gamepad
  • In the game mode selection screen, it's now easier to see which button currently has the focus
  • Fixed an issue with products flying pass the checkout triggering the checkout sequence
  • Improve the cart/trolley detection zone, so that products that are piled on top of the trolley and not within the metal boundary are considered to be inside the trolley
  • When a game finishes, the game automatically goes to the high score table entry screen if the player doesn't press a button after a few seconds.
  • Now both L1/L2 & R1/R2 on the gamepad controls the wings
  • Added a go-back button to the game mode selection screen

Next Stage

I've now added every thing that I wanted to the game to make it complete.  I'll now go through my list of possible extras for the game and decide which I should implement and then do a bit more testing and bug fixing before I release the final version.

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