Supermarket Duck Dash - Launched

I'm happy to announce that Supermarket Duck Dash has been released!

Featuring 3 game modes, 125+ products, old people, spotty teenagers, high score tables and 3 dedicated duck quack sound buttons, you'll love causing destruction in the supermarket and trying beat your high scores with Supermarket Duck Dash.

In the main game mode, you'll have be given a shopping list by some old people at the door and have to use your duck wings to try and knock the correct products off the shelves and into your shopping cart / trolley.

It also includes Super Dash mode, where you have to try and get as many expensive products in your shopping cart / trolley as possible, and Destruction mode, where the your only goal is to try and cause as much havoc and knock as many products on to the ground as possible in 30 seconds.

I even made a little trailer for it:

Please try it out now

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