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I've started a Kickstarter to try and get the game on Steam, as I find myself in a precarious financial situation. As I was writing this post I got a notificati...
Supermarket Duck Dash - Launched
I'm happy to announce that Supermarket Duck Dash has been released! Featuring 3 game modes, 125+ products, old people, spotty teenagers, high score tables and...
Nearing the final version
This version of Supermarket Duck Dash has a lot of fixes and improvements. I believe that I'm nearing the end of the game's development. In this big update: In...
Development Update
I've added a few more graphics to the supermarket, such as posters and improved some of the product graphics. The next step will be to do some user testing to g...
Decorating the store
I've started to decorate the store. In this version, I've added some posters to the wall (more to come) and also other shopping carts/trolleys in the supermarke...
Small Update - Quack Quack
A small update to Supermarket Duck Dash. I've made some little fixes, added a new screen to show controls and began to decorate the supermarket with posters and...
New Demo + fixes and improvements
I've added a demo for Windows and Linux users. Obviously, it's limited so in the demo version there is only 1 game mode (instead of 3 in the full version), also...
Next Improvements
The game has been released, but I'd like to continue working on it. Some of the next improvements coming: I'd like to improve the graphics around the supermarke...
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Love the look of this, but I only have a mac to play test it on.
started by samuelbromley 46 days ago
1 reply
Hey there! FalconTrace here! Your game is pretty cool!! I like the idea, it's very original and fun! I also give it plus...
started by FalconTrace 46 days ago
1 reply